Equity and Access in the Online Learning Space

Developed by Lindsey Albracht

This workshop bridges the concepts of equity (broadly conceived) and accessibility, treating them as related and intersecting. Its intention is to increase our collective and individual capacity to become more equity and accessibility-minded educators: especially in the online classroom, where existing inequity and a lack of accessibility can sometimes be magnified, but which is also a place that can offer new forms of engagement and connection. Over the course of this workshop, you can expect to:

  • Further explore, consider, and apply definition(s) and intersections of equity and access within the teaching and learning context on your campus.
  • Co-construct collaborative and crowdsourced guides on resources related to equity and access in the context of teaching at CUNY
  • Reflect on your own understanding of equity and access in relation to your identity as a person and a teacher, and how this prepares you to design equitable and accessible spaces for your future students.
  • Explore discipline-specific ideas and tangible classroom artifacts

Workshop sign-up

To participate in this workshop, please do the following: 

  • Fill out the welcome survey here.
  • Join the workshop Slack channel, #equity-access, through the Teach@CUNY Slack
  • Post an introduction to our workshop Slack channel. Tell us your name, preferred pronouns if you’d like to share them, campus where you’ll be teaching, class that you’ll teach, and one thing that you’re hoping to learn in the workshop.
  • Visit the workshop website and begin by reading the text or watching the video on the Welcome page.

Time Commitment (in hrs per week and length of workshop):

This workshop is designed to account for differences in participant time zones, internet accessibility, caretaking responsibilities, physical and mental health differences, work and community engagement schedules, screen fatigue, etc.

There is no synchronous requirement for participation. There will be optional opportunities to engage in small groups and one-on-one conversations if you want them. We will decide on the best times and days for synchronous engagement between the participants who want to participate in them.