Using Online Polls to Promote Active Learning and Student Engagement

Developed by Fernanda Blanco Vidal fblancovidal@gradcenter.cuny.edu             “Technology doesn’t inherently improve learning; it merely makes possible effective pedagogy, and only when it is consonant with an instructor’s educational philosophy and beliefs and reinforced by other components of the total course” (Beatty, 2004, p. 08)    Have you ever introduced a new concept in your classroom and asked the students what they think about it, but they have remained quiet? Or have you assigned an excellent reading that you’re sure will promote interesting discussions, but your students don’t connect with the content? As educators, many of …

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Speech Communications in the Virtual Classroom

Developed by Kyueun Kim and Mei Ling Chua In spring 2020, many of us were pushed to communicate and conduct classes through our electronic devices. The move to the virtual classroom, however, was not a simple 1:1 shift. Our interactions are being flattened to different degrees by video, audio, and textual modes that may or may not be happening at the same time. The move had effects that ranged from the subtle dimension of (not) seeing the physical expressions and reactions of others, to drastically rethinking how to accomplish different classroom engagements like lectures, students’ presentations, and discussions. Acknowledging this …

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Teaching as a T.A.

Developed by John Zayac Description CUNY graduate students are often assigned to work as teaching assistants or lab instructors in support of large lecture classes. These assignments come with both opportunities and challenges for both the instructor and students. This workshop is designed to support teaching assistants and lab instructors in navigating their roles, and to aid in the development of approaches that maximize student learning. Our focus will be on instructor/T.A. relations and on linking lab/section syllabi and class activities. Learning Goals Identify the potential opportunities and challenges that accompany a teaching assistantship – including thinking critically about teaching  …

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