Video Production for Online Teaching

Developed by Mike Mena, The Publics Lab This workshop, courtesy of the PublicsLab at the Graduate Center, offers three videos: a “crash course” approach to audio/video production; a primer on “Camera Angles and Lighting Techniques” and  “Advanced Audio Methods & Pedagogy.” “The Crash Course” Are you “really bad” at this? What do our ideologies about media tell us about ourselves? Tips on creating a talking-head background Edit a lecture on iMovie (or any other program) Constructing an onscreen personality: “Personality Work”   “Camera Angles and Lighting Techniques” The importance of camera angles Designing you backgrounds (advanced lighting techniques) Your background …

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Speech Communications in the Virtual Classroom

Developed by Kyueun Kim and Mei Ling Chua In spring 2020, many of us were pushed to communicate and conduct classes through our electronic devices. The move to the virtual classroom, however, was not a simple 1:1 shift. Our interactions are being flattened to different degrees by video, audio, and textual modes that may or may not be happening at the same time. The move had effects that ranged from the subtle dimension of (not) seeing the physical expressions and reactions of others, to drastically rethinking how to accomplish different classroom engagements like lectures, students’ presentations, and discussions. Acknowledging this …

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Activating Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom

Developed by Kyueun Kim CUNY’s classrooms are famously diverse, a reality reflected in the vast number of languages spoken by undergraduate students. Have you thought about how this language diversity will impact your teaching, and specifically how they how language dynamics impact classroom communication? How do we as instructors (especially international students and non-native English speakers) address the politics of language in the classroom? What strategies are there to make our classrooms more inclusive of non-native English speakers, and what are the benefits of seeking to “activate” the multiple linguistic identities of our students as elements of our learning?  This …

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