Introduction to Open Digital Pedagogy

Developed by Laurie Hurson What do we mean by “open” teaching? And how does “open” relate to “digital pedagogy”? This workshop will introduce the foundations of open digital pedagogy and provide examples from The CUNY Academic Commons, a WordPress teaching and learning platform used by faculty in a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses across CUNY. Learning Goals Explore the terms “open” and “digital” as they relate to teaching Understand the basic tenets of open digital pedagogy and “open” uses of digital tools Demonstrate familiarity with several models for teaching on the Commons Introduction Open digital pedagogy has been defined …

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Getting Started with OER

Developed by Laurie Hurson This workshop will provide an introduction to open digital pedagogy by focusing on a core tenet of open teaching: the use of open educational resources, or OER. New York State has invested significantly in the development and deployment of OER at CUNY and SUNY over the past three years, and there are active and engaged OER programs on each CUNY campus. These initiatives are even more important during the current public health crisis, when access to libraries is severely constrained and the resources to acquire textbooks are ever more scarce. All instructors should be aware of …

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