Balancing Time: Managing Priorities While Teaching and Learning

Developed by Mei Ling Chua This workshop considers the complexities of juggling time and priorities across multiple responsibilities as graduate students and instructors. This asynchronous workshop will utilize a pdf workbook to guide attendees through a series of activities that they can do at their own pace. Attendees will learn strategies for balancing their time between teaching, coursework, research, and other aspects of their lives.  Learning Goals Consider a range of time management strategies and tactics Gain a sense of how you are currently spending time Introduction As graduate students and instructors, it can often be challenging to figure out …

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Teaching as a T.A.

Developed by John Zayac Description CUNY graduate students are often assigned to work as teaching assistants or lab instructors in support of large lecture classes. These assignments come with both opportunities and challenges for both the instructor and students. This workshop is designed to support teaching assistants and lab instructors in navigating their roles, and to aid in the development of approaches that maximize student learning. Our focus will be on instructor/T.A. relations and on linking lab/section syllabi and class activities. Learning Goals Identify the potential opportunities and challenges that accompany a teaching assistantship – including thinking critically about teaching  …

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