Video Production for Online Teaching

Developed by Mike Mena, The Publics Lab

This workshop, courtesy of the PublicsLab at the Graduate Center, offers three videos: a “crash course” approach to audio/video production; a primer on “Camera Angles and Lighting Techniques” and  “Advanced Audio Methods & Pedagogy.”

“The Crash Course”

  • Are you “really bad” at this?
  • What do our ideologies about media tell us about ourselves?
  • Tips on creating a talking-head background
  • Edit a lecture on iMovie (or any other program)
  • Constructing an onscreen personality: “Personality Work”


“Camera Angles and Lighting Techniques”

  • The importance of camera angles
  • Designing you backgrounds (advanced lighting techniques)
  • Your background is you as an educator!
  • What is the most important part of video productions? (Hint: not video quality)


“Advanced Audio Methods & Pedagogy”

  • Lighting your main subject, lighting yourself
  • Should you use your camera phone instead of webcam?
  • How to make a production studio out of your phone!
  • Let’s talk Pedagogy – Walk-thru of Mike’s teaching process