A Critical Approach to non-F2F Language Teaching

Developed by Inés Vañó García Description Face-to-face language courses tend to use in-class time mostly for lecture and language practice. Such instructional modes are difficult when, as in our current public health crisis, teaching and learning must be done online. What are the specific challenges for teaching language courses at CUNY in an online format? To be fully effective, language instruction must take into account the social, cultural, and political contexts in which a language is produced. This pedagogical approach goes beyond the acquisition of the core linguistics skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and the basic approaches that cover …

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Equity and Access in the Online Learning Space

Developed by Lindsey Albracht This workshop bridges the concepts of equity (broadly conceived) and accessibility, treating them as related and intersecting. Its intention is to increase our collective and individual capacity to become more equity and accessibility-minded educators: especially in the online classroom, where existing inequity and a lack of accessibility can sometimes be magnified, but which is also a place that can offer new forms of engagement and connection. Over the course of this workshop, you can expect to: Further explore, consider, and apply definition(s) and intersections of equity and access within the teaching and learning context on your …

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